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Organizing an event in the renewable energy industry is no easy task; at ATA Insights, we have the necessary experience to carry it out efficiently for a successful outcome. Our team will take care of producing, organizing, and managing your event, ensuring maximum value and optimal reach for both the program and speakers as well as the target audience. Trust us to execute a flawless event that stands out in the industry above your competition.

7th Mini Grid Action Learning Event

February 27 – March 3, 2023 | Nairobi, Kenya

This event brought together approximately 800 experts in mini-grids with the aim of accelerating the expansion of these grids to provide electricity access in remote areas. Challenges and solutions were discussed, including fund mobilization and simplification of regulatory processes, with the goal of achieving universal electricity access in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Central Asia Energy Trade and Investment Forum

London- March 3, 2023 | London, UK

This event focused on the need to accelerate reforms in the energy sector and prioritize investments to promote the transition to low-carbon energy in Central Asia. It included topics on the business climate and investment opportunities in the energy sectors of Central Asian countries, as well as discussions in roundtables involving the private sector, development partners, and international financial institutions. The goal was to identify recommendations and create the right conditions to attract investments and advance towards a more sustainable energy transition in the region.

Bishkek International Energy Forum

April 8th, 2022 | Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

At this event, produced by ATA Insights for the Government of Kyrgyzstan, the goal was to review the country’s energy sector with the aim of modernizing it and harnessing renewable energy. Collaboration with development partners was sought, and priorities for energy reform, including financial viability and energy security, were communicated. The target audience included policymakers, government institutions, international partners, and other key stakeholders in Kyrgyzstan.

WETEX Dubai Solar show

21-23 October 2019 y 5-7 October 2021 | Dubai UAE

WETEX DUBAI takes place in Dubai, serving as a key meeting point for the solar industry during a period of rapid global growth in renewable energy. The exhibition brought together leaders, governments, manufacturers, and other key stakeholders in a space spanning over 14,000 square meters. ATA Insights managed the agenda and speaker coordination for these two editions, showcasing the latest innovations in solar energy and sustainability while promoting collaborations between the public and private sectors for innovative solutions.

The Role of Concentrating Solar Power in the Evolving Energy Market in the Western U.S.

February 18 – 19, 2020 | Sacramento, California

The event focused on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES). It addressed topics such as the evolution of energy needs, the future of CSP plants, CSP projects in different countries, past experiences, market outlook, and future grid needs. Challenges in modeling CSP in low-carbon networks were also discussed. The event brought together industry experts to share knowledge about CSP and its contribution to energy sustainability.

Ethiopia National Off-grid Electrification Forum

February 11-12, 2020 | Addis Ababa

The Government of Ethiopia, with the support of the World Bank and the United Kingdom, organized the National Off-Grid Electrification Forum in Addis Ababa through the ATA Insights event platform. It brought together 150 participants to share global experiences in mini-grids and off-grid solar energy, with the aim of designing the Investment Program to achieve universal access to electricity in Ethiopia by 2025. Additionally, training was provided on mini-grids and related technologies.

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