Historical Data MyATA Webinars

Job type

  • 41% CEOs, Directors, Heads, Managers y altos cargos

  • 34% Engineers and Technicians
  • 12% Business Development

  • 7% Other

  • 4% Legal

  • 3% Investment

Company type

  • 22% Consultancy

  • 19% Developer

  • 12% Equipment Supplier or Manufacturer

  • 11% EPC Contractor

  • 9% Utility

  • 9% Academia

  • 7% Government Institutions

  • 7% Others

  • 3% Financial Services

  • 2% Legal Services


  • 46% Europe

  • 30% South America

  • 10% North America

  • 6% Africa

  • 5% Asia

  • 3% Other

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Watch this webinar to get clear insights into the current state of the Spanish energy storage market, its challenges, and opportunities.

How can our webinars help you?

ATA Insights brings together industry-leading experts to bring our webinars to life. These online sessions provide the most current and relevant information you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in regulation, prominent projects, and products in the field of renewable energy.

Join our webinar program by producing your own webinar. Here are some advantages you’ll enjoy:

With an average of over 600 registrations per webinar and a 30% attendance rate, we guarantee reaching a substantial number of industry professionals.

ATA Insights’ free webinar program community, composed of over 43,000 professionals, ensures that you will not only reach key companies and institutions in the market but also establish yourself as a leading figure in the field, surpassing your competitors.

Our webinars on renewable energy, completely free for registrants, are presented as the most effective source for acquiring high-quality leads. Once participants register for your webinar and get to know your solutions better, a strategic follow-up campaign will effectively guide you towards achieving your goals.

You will be provided with the invaluable opportunity to forge lasting bonds not only with webinar attendees but also with your fellow panelists from other prominent companies in the industry.

Through the question and answer session held at the end of each session, the perfect moment is created to address and understand market concerns and identify potential interested parties in your solutions.

Global Markets

Our webinars reach every corner of the world

43,000+ users are part of ATA Insights’ free webinar community worldwide: Europe, America, Africa, and Asia, quite impressive!

Q&A Round with the Speakers

Ask your questions

Following the presentations by the speakers in each webinar, we always have a Q&A session where attendees can get all their questions answered regarding the session’s topic.