Webinar: What cybersecurity means for the power generation industry

Date to be confirmed

Digital technologies are playing an increasingly important role in the energy sector. As the energy system gets smarter, it can perform tasks more precisely and faster with little or no human interaction. Although this brings efficiency gains, it also means that addressing cyber risks is critical for energy security and economic resilience. This webinar will discuss the main challenges that energy companies need to overcome to secure their operations.

Whether you represent a utility a manufacturer, an EPC or an IPP, understand the main cybersecurity threats your company could face because your work is related to infrastructure critical the countries where you operate

  • Hear how to digitize your company whilst increasing resilience – as more connectivity and data is generated in your operations, establishing a threat and risk management system, an effective cyber-incident response network and more resilience is key to secure the normal operation of your company
  • Analyze the main commercially available solutions to secure your operations and spot the main technologies to look out for in the future
  • Consider which business units are required to report incidents which affect the security, provision, confidentiality and integrity of the service

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