Webinar: The keys behind the Aug 9th blackout in UK and how to avoid it going forward

Tuesday, 15th of October at 12:00 CEST / 11:00 BST  (Check your local time)

On Friday August 9th, Uk’s power grid fell apart when two prower plants went offline. With more than 1GW of power lost from the system, National Grid had to reduce the load and cut some customers off. In total nearly a million people faced blackouts. But it could have been worse. Within seconds, a fleet of batteries prevented things from getting worse by pumping power into the system preventing a rapid drop off in transmission frequency. In this webinar we analyze the causes of the blackout, how can it be prevented going forward and what can other electric markets learn from the Uk’s experience.

  • what is the value of a blackout to a consumer? Can you actually quantify the cost of this?
  • Hear a step by step account of the blackout and what were the consequences compared to what they could be
  • Understand the role of batteries in the UK grid blackout and how other markets could utilize this nascent technology more effectively
  • Evaluate how balancing and ancilliary markets work in the UK and how modest investment could increase their effectiveness sharply
  • What is the value of a blackout to a consumer? How can you actually quantify the cost of this? What can this UK experience teach other markets about system level planning?

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