Webinar: Retrofitting CSP projects to store and integrate variable renewable energy (VRE) in the grid

5 November at 12:00 CET (Check your local time)

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Spain’s Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (PINEC) targets 74% of power from renewable sources by 2030, with more than 25GW of PV capacity expected to be added by that year. Hybrid PV – CSP bring together these complementary technologies to deliver solar power when it is required (dispatchable) or around the clock(baseload). In this webinar we will hear from the innovators retrofitting CSP storage projects to integrate a higher share of VRE to the grid.

  • Understand how low-cost PV combined with newly-added molten salt thermal energy storage systems added to already existing CSP projects
  • Hear directly from the source about how combining PV-CSP enhances grid flexibility and reliability, enabling the supply of clean power 24/7 
  • Find out about the bankability of these projects in the short to medium term and how ultimately they can help add more renewables in the grid


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