Webinar: Renewable desalination

Date to be confirmed

Water desalination has sky-rocketed from 66,4 million m3/day in 2011 to 99.8 million m3/day in 2017, with the highest areas of growth concentrated in North Africa and the Middle East. Given the extraordinary solar and wind resources available in the region, renewable energy seems called to provide the energy required for desalination. However, fossil fuels are still rule desalination, what would it take for renewable desalination to take off? In this webinar, our expert panelists will provide you with key insights into the progress of renewable desalination.

  • Costs of building and running different renewable desalination technologies, including solar and wind powered reverse osmosis and solar thermal with multi-effect desalination
  • Case studies of current renewable desalination technologies
  • Renewable vs fossil powered desalination: at what cost of energy will renewables be more cost competitive

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