Webinar: Next generation storage: bulk storage for grids reinvented

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Webinar: The latest innovation in bulk storage technologies

1st February
Session 1: Asia-Pac & MENA at 10am GST / 15pm JST / 17pm AEDT / 7am CET
Session 2: Europe & Americas at 9am PST/ 12pm EST / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET

One of the largest challenges grid operators and utilities face is to continue to provide reliability and firmness in a context of larger amounts intermittent renewable energy being added to the grid network.

Bulk storage technologies – with the ability to discharge quickly for 8+hours – have lined up to be part of the solution for grids. However, they vary significantly in terms of the capital and operational costs, life-cycle and discharge times. This webinar compares different technologies available for long term bulk storage for grids and it analyses the novel approach of Gravity Storage to resolve this challenge.

  • Understand why investing in long-term bulk energy storage is key to guaranteeing the firmness and reliability of the grid and security of supply as more intermittent technology
  • Compare the technology and Levelized Costs of Storage (LCOS) for pumped hydro, compressed air, lithium-ion and sodium-sulphur battery storage and gravity storage
  • Analyse ´Gravity Storage’, an innovation similar to pumped hydro with 8h+ bulk storage, using a gravitational based process which is suitable for areas of low or no elevation


This webinar addresses decision makers in utilities, grid operators, contracting companies for infrastructure.

Eduard Heindl

Managing Partner

Robert Werner

Managing Director

Oliver Schmidt

Research Assistant

Grant Greatrex

Senior Advisor Renewable Energy and Telecommunications

Belén Gallego [moderator]

CEO & founder

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