Webinar | Liquid storage for wind and solar power – Renewable Methanol

5th March at 15:00 CET (Check your local time)

Renewable methanol is an ultra-low carbon liquid chemical that could store wind and solar power, and then be deployed to generate clean energy whenever needed.

Every year, many gigawatt hours of renewable power are thrown away by grid operators. In 2017, TenneT, a German grid operator, spent close to € 1 billion in compensation payments for curtailing wind power. And in the US, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has said that at certain times of the year as much as 30% of solar PV output is curtailed.

In this webinar, you will learn how renewable methanol can store this excess power in an ultra-low carbon liquid fuel with many practical uses.

  • Discover how leading companies create value from waste CO2 and excess renewable power to create renewable methanol, a valuable chemical with multiple applications
  • Understand the stabilizing effects on the grid of channelling excess renewable power output from variable renewables towards renewable methanol production
  • Hear how renewable methanol offers a cost-effective solution to slashing emissions in power generation and transportation by up to 90%

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