Webinar: How to make your PV projects more competitive

14th March at 12:00 CET [Check your local time here]

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Over past decade, PV has gone from an early adopter to a mainstream technology. In that process, the industry has professionalized greatly. Today, more than 340 GW are installed and PPAs have dropped from 45 US$ cents in 2006 to around 3 US$ cents kWh in 2017.

With PV margins getting thinner, the industry is more competitive than ever; and optimizing every aspect of the design, construction and operation is essential to win projects and lead the industry.

  • Explore the keys to making your plant the most competitive each time from design and construction through to O&M processes
  • How to squeeze every cent to increase your margins at each stage of development
  • Hear the inside track on the hacks that the experts are using to avoid costly delays and problems with their PV projects