Webinar: How are Chinese companies changing the CSP industry globally?

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Webinar: How are Chinese companies changing the CSP industry globally?

Wednesday 5th Sept, 14:00 CEST   (Check your local time)
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As the CSP industry matures, more Chinese companies are becoming international players. Their increasing participation as component manufacturers, EPCs and developers is accelerating the pace of change of the industry, particularly increasing cost-competitiveness, the Chinese area of speciality. This webinar looks at the role of Chinese companies in the present – and the future – of the CSP industry

  • Find out who are the main Chinese players already involved in CSP projects across the MENA region and their roles in each of them
  • Analyse what is the impact of their role in each project and how their intervention is reducing costs sharply
  • Hear forecasts of how component and EPC price reductions from Chinese manufacturers can take the industry to a more competitive level to US$5cents KWh and beyond
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