Webinar: Grid Edge Solutions to accelerate renewable deployment in islands and remote communities

9 July at 15:00 CEST (Check your local time)

Sponsor of the RE.Learn Program:

Island and remote community power grids rely on diesel and heavy fuel oil to meet electricity demand. The declining cost of renewable generation and battery energy storage systems (BESS) offers new energy options.

This webinar explores how the combination of BESS and smart automation systems unlocks lower-cost energy while increasing the use of renewables in remote areas and islands.

  • Understand how to design a competitive solution to reduce the cost of energy while meeting the demand of a specific area.
  • Analyse how smart automation and control systems facilitate remote monitoring, operation, and maintenance of various energy assets, while providing higher power quality and grid stability.
  • Learn from real projects in islands and remote locations, to help frame future expectations. 

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