Webinar: Floating PV design and construction

11th June at 16:00 CEST  (Check your local time here)

Recently, floating PV designs have been making waves (pardon the pun) and already many megawatts have been planned. Tune in to this webinar to learn how floating PV delivers the twin benefits of reducing water evaporation and producing renewable power.

In this webinar our experts will talk about:

  • Learn more about technical design aspects of a floating photovoltaic plant: how the support structure works, weight considerations, insulating electrical elements from water and much more
  • Choose the best location for the floating PV plant to optimize output and facilitate the construction of the plant in this unusual environment
  • Consider what equipment you need to optimize floating PV output, and what guarantees of quality and durability you should get to maximize overall performance
  • Get access to Real case studies of floating PV plants, from design to construction and operation and maintenance

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