Webinar: Emerging Opportunities for Energy Storage in the Iberian Peninsula

8 July at 10:00 CEST (Check your local time)

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Both Portugal and Spain plan to deploy huge quantities of PV and wind from now to 2030 in order to further decarbonise their energy systems. And a grid in which variable renewables such as wind and PV provide the bulk of generation needs a sizeable energy storage component.

In this webinar you will gain an insider’s view into the opportunities and challenges to energy storage in these systems.

  • Find out what energy storage business models are most likely to be lucrative and the sources of revenue that could be stacked in each of these markets
  • Learn about the role that storage is likely to play in each country, given their particular energy mixes and demand profiles
  • Get an overview of the regulations that provide a framework for the operation of energy storage systems

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