Webinar: Digitalization: Reducing the LCOE of your PV Assets with efficient Lifecycle Management  

11 November 2020 at 17:00 CET (Check your local time here)

With rapid declines in solar tariffs to a record low of $1.35 cents/KWh, it has become imperative for solar asset developers, EPCs and operators to maximize energy generation at the lowest possible cost across the entire lifecycle of the asset.  

Digitalization helps improve the PV plant health as well as performance by Co-ordinating key activities across large PV plants spread across multiple countries.  

In the webinar, we will discuss various dimensions of digitalization that play an important role in diagnosing performance and health issues, increasing productivity, and increasing effectiveness of preventive and corrective actions to reduce the LCOE of your PV plant.  


  • Understand why the quality of information and the availability of early data are essential for efficient management of activities across site and office to reduce response times and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair).  
  • Discuss the importance of a “Digital Twin” in creating a single source of truth for every solar PV plant enabling efficient organization and management of all asset data 
  • Learn how to digitalize your construction process to set up the O&M team for success with a comprehensive digitalized blueprint of the plant at HOTO (Hand Over Take Over). 
  • Analyze the role of drone data and analytics in improving the performance of your solar asset throughout its lifecycle. 

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