Webinar: Decarbonization opportunities through Green Hydrogen: Mining, Steel and Transport

2nd September at 11:00 UAE time/ 9am CEST (Check your local time)


Green hydrogen provides regions with abundance of cheap solar energy an opportunity to export electricity to other markets. As the world transitions into a C02 free energy industry, hydrogen could be an essential link for carbon free transport, mining, and industrial production. What is more, hydrogen could strategically enable fuel producing countries to diversify into clean energy whilst remaining key exporters in the international energy market in the future.

  • Understand how ammonia created from hydrogen can be a useful energy carrier that can be readily stored and transported and can therefore be used in other applications
  • Consider the opportunities of hydrogen and fuel cell automation
  • Hear about the investment in hydrogen-based ammonia plants and other hydrogen technology through the region
  • Analyze the uses of hydrogen for energy intensive industrial processes such as steel production, replacing liquified natural gas (LNG)

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