Webinar: Building the financial business case for PV projects with batteries

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Webinar: Building the financial business case for PV projects with batteries

10 Jan, 13:00 CET (Check your local time)

As a relatively new technology, banks and financial institutions are having to actively learn how to deal with the risk of financing batteries alongside PV projects. This webinar explores the tools and financial structures that can be used for the first set of projects

  • Understand what information, track-record and technical details are necessary to secure funds against energy storage infrastructure including manufacturing warrantees and certifications
  • Are non-recourse structures available? Analyze the structures of similar technology innovations in solar and how these can be used as case studies for batteries
  • Consider the role of reserve funds to de-risk batteries’ technical limitations such as lifetime expectation and number of cycles

Carlos Rodriguez

Country Manager – Australia

Stratos Tavoulareas 

Principal Energy Advisor

Belén Gallego [Moderator]

CEO & Founder





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