Webinar: Solar for commercial and industrial (C&I) heat

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Webinar: Solar for commercial and industrial (C&I) heat

16 Nov, 11:00 CET (Check your local time)

Heat and steam generation can be complicated to source for industrial players. In fact, for commercial and industrial (C&I) purposes, the demand for heat is vastly superior to the demand for electricity (74% vs 26% respectively).  In this webinar, we explore the cost-opportunity for industrial players to use solar as their main source of heat and steam

  • Explore the solar technologies that can satisfy your needs for heat and steam from under 100 ºC to more than 400 ºC and from below 20 bars to more than 100 bars of pressure
  • Consider your solar resource – how to figure out whether your solar resource can yield competitive solar heat & steam prices
  • Who is who – get an overview of the main players in the market, their technical capabilities and how they can help you satisfy your specific heat & steam requirements.
Diego Crespo

Bärbel Epp

Director of Solrico, Germany

Christian Holter


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