SHOWCASE Deepbloo: Energy Tenders Simplified

Thursday, 21st of November at 10:00 CET (Check your local time)

DEEPBLOO is a platform which captures every day 1K energy-related opportunities from 40K sources corresponding to accurate market segments and region specified by its customer. Its fined-tuned matchmaking algorithm enable customers to manage the opportunity and access to the related business environment. In this showcase session Deepbloo will show you how to optimize the platform to optimize your access to business development opportunities:

  • How to create your own business opportunities and find partners
  • How the easy-to-use platform works to find tenders and business opportunities around the World
  • How to set-up your business preferences and build an automatic pipeline of opportunities
  • How to manage your pipeline and share with your colleagues and potential partners.
  • Benefit from VIP access deals and try the platform yourself!