RENMAD H2 Chile 2022

 6 – 7 of October, Santiago

How to develop, build and operate profitable renewable hydrogen projects in Chile

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There is no doubt that the fight against climate change is transforming many sectors, starting with energy, transport and industry.

Hydrogen from renewable sources will become one of the most important energy vectors, pushing the sector towards decarbonization.

Compared to countries such as Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco, among others, Chile has positioned itself as one of the pioneering countries worldwide by presenting its hydrogen route.

Competitive renewable hydrogen can be generated in places with good solar and wind resources, since 70% of the Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCoH) comes from the direct cost of energy compared to 30% from the cost of equipment. This is why the transition from fossil fuels to this vector will completely change the geopolitics of energy.

Chile can become a strategic global energy supplier

Less than 15 years ago Chile imported 98% of its energy. This percentage has dropped drastically and continues to drop since 2005 thanks to policies that have fostered the deployment of renewable energy and have enabled the country to harness its unmatched solar resources. Today, over 20% of the energy in Chile comes from solar, wind, and other non-conventional renewable energies.

Chile may hold one of the keys to the climate solution, with 23% of global copper reserves, 51% of lithium reserves and a high renewable energy potential, which could reach almost 70 times today’s total.

With all the renewable energy Chile could produce 200 million tons of renewable hydrogen annually, which would be three times the H2 produced in the world today, or 6 times the ammonia.

According to Chile’s national hydrogen strategy, between now and 2030 Chile will be able to produce the cheapest renewable H2 on the planet at US$1.5/kg; with more than 25GW of electrolyzers producing green H2 in Chile.

The Chilean government through CORFO has invested US$50 million in six demonstration pilot projects. And this is only the beginning, as more than 61 renewable H2 projects have been announced and are currently in different stages of development.

Given the abundance of renewable and mineral resources available in Chile, the political will of its government and the strength of its industry, Chile is probably one of the most interesting countries to develop renewable H2 projects.

With great opportunities, come great challenges

Despite widespread optimism and numerous project announcements, there are significant challenges to building these projects successfully and reaching the targets set in Chile H2 Roadmap.

The main challenge is the cost of producing renewable hydrogen – known as the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCoH). Lowering the LCoH of a project depends on reducing CAPEX, which accounts for 30% of the total, and securing low-cost, stable renewable energy supply, which accounts for the other 70%.

A competitive LCoH is the key to securing offtakers, or buyers of the hydrogen produced, whether domestic or international.

Finding buyers for renewable hydrogen also poses challenges. In Chile there is limited consumption of H2 to manufacture ammonia, most of which is used to make ammonia nitrate, a chemical used in mining. Beyond this sector, industries such as glass and cement could use renewable hydrogen to decarbonize. But both domestic and international industries are waiting for clear signals, and in many cases government subsidies, before taking decarbonization measures that will almost certainly make their products more expensive.

Hydrogen project developers also must overcome challenges related to permitting, water procurement, design, project sizing, equipment purchase and construction, and certification of renewably sourced hydrogen for domestic or international consumption.

Other challenges include project financing, value chains and potential bottlenecks, especially for electrolyzers. As well as hydrogen storage and transport technology, the conversion of hydrogen into ammonia, methanol and efuels for transport over long distances…

Why attend RENMAD H2 CHILE?

RENMAD H2 CHILE is the essential event in your calendar because it gives you the keys to overcome all the challenges you face in developing your renewable hydrogen projects in Chile. The agenda is designed to cover business critical issues in sessions delivered by expert speakers with hands-on experience in the development of renewable H2 projects.

We study real cases of ongoing projects both in Chile and internationally, such as the ENAEX or Hydra mining projects; the HIF and Tango export projects; or projects such as the Biobío Alliance or injection projects. We will study your LCOH, your technological choices, how you have designed your project to be as competitive as possible. We discuss business models, hydrogen purchase agreements (HPA), and the keys to financing of H2 projects.

We analyze in detail the engineering, sizing and construction of renewable H2 projects from project developers such as AES, Engie, Acciona and ENEL among many others. We compare electrolyzers, analyze the value chain and possible bottlenecks, assess the technological solutions for blending, storage and transport of H2.

We will solve doubts about regulation, permitting, certification, blending, and water procurement. And, with the help of organizations such as SERNAGEOMIN and ACESOL, we will help you to plan your H2 project to maximize positive impacts on the local community from the economic, social and environmental point of view.

In just two days, you will gather invaluable information to solve the major challenges facing your project, saving you many months of research. And the best part is the networking because in just two days you will meet all the companies and experts that will facilitate the development of your projects, whether they are national or international.

Whether you are an investor considering placing a bet on Chile’s H2 sector, a project developer, a technology supplier, or a purveyor of know-how, you cannot miss this event that consolidates the opportunities for real renewable hydrogen developments in Chile from now to 2030

In addition, this event is an opportunity to create a commercial and knowledge bridge of renewable hydrogen between Chile and international markets in Europe and beyond; transferring knowledge in projects, regulation, engineering and technology.

In only eight years this industry must scale up quickly and efficiently to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Attend RENMAD H2 Chile to position your company in the leadership of this nascent industry that represents, without a doubt, one of the best growth opportunities of the 21st century.

Join more than 200 national and international experts and more than 50 speakers who will participate in this event where renewable hydrogen projects become tangible.

6 – 7 October 2022, Santiago



50+ Expert speakers

200+ attendees

Expo area


Renmad H2 Chile is the event that brings together all the companies and institutions that are invested in making the vision set by Chile’s Hydrogen Roadmap to reality.

  • Understand how to lower the LCOH of your project – lowering both CAPEX and electricity cost to get the most competitive renewable H2
  • Identify national and international buyers and offtakers for your renewable hydrogen project
  • Clarify your doubts on regulation, permitting, certification and blending of renewable hydrogen projects in Chile, and the role of the government in facilitating these processes
  • Examine business models of renewable hydrogen projects, including hydrogen hubs or valleys, and how your company fits into the H2 value chain
  • Discover new technologies in electrolysis such as AEM and compare their qualities with PEM, Alkaline and SOEC, so that you can choose the one that best suits your project profile and produce H2 at the lowest cost
  • Hear about real projects being developed in Chile and beyond and learn lessons that will allow you to maximize the profitability of your renewable hydrogen project
  • Learn how to finance your renewable hydrogen project and how to negotiate profitable national and international hydrogen purchase agreements (HPAs)


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Get access to the most cutting-edge content from top companies and expert speakers. Listen to the essential information to make your H2 business profitable and prepare your strategy for the future.

Chat with the speakers. In addition to getting answers to your questions during the presentations, you will be able to chat with the speakers and attendees during the many hours of networking.

Face-to-face event. We bring together all the executives of the renewable hydrogen value chain. Establish relationships with future customers, partners or suppliers and accelerate the course of your projects.

Expo Area. Get a closer look at the offering of leading H2 companies and find the solutions you need for your projects

Content on demand: In addition to being able to attend the event in person, business pass holders will get the conference video recordings sent to them after the conference



Raise the profile of your company in the Chilean renewable H2 industry, build new business relationships, generate leads and position yourself as an industry leader