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More than 120 hours of independent research. +40 expert speakers on the industry’s leading topics. The most outstanding companies. Listen to the latest in design, construction, financing and integration of renewable projects.

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Take a look at this preview of what was discussed about integrators and EPCs with Wärstilä and about technology with Bcare

Optimisation through Digitalisation: Our Energy Storage Path

Marian Giner –  Business Development Manager Storage, Wärtsilä

Diagnostic methods for batteries’ health status and assets’ monitorization

Javier Olarte – CEO, Bcare



Welcome to RENMAD 2020

Belén Gallego, CEO, ATA Insights

RENMAD Opening session

Storage, the key to the energy transition and achieving a 100% renewable system

Miriam Bueno, subdirectora general prospectiva, estrategia y normativa en materia de energía, Ministerio para la transición ecológica y el reto demográfico

Associations Roundtable

Storage, essential for the system and an opportunity for renewables

  • Lucía Dólera, Directora Desarrollo de Negocio, APPA

  • Fernando Ferrando, President, Fundación Renovables

  • Luis Crespo, President, Protermosolar

  • Heikki Willstedt, Director de Políticas Energéticas y Cambio Climático, Asociación Empresarial Eólica (AEE)

  • Marina Serrano, Presidenta, Aelec

Moderator: Luis Marquina de Soto, Presidente, Aepibal

Regulation Roundtable:

Necessary legislation parting from the blueprint for the storage strategy and financing channels, considering EU’s recovery funds and others

  • Ignacio Grangel, Partner, CMS

  • Jaime Rojas, Managing Partner, Enigma

  • Óscar Barrero Gil, Socio en el sector de Energía y Utilities para la división de Consultoría, PWC España

  • Santiago González, Técnico del Dpto. de Marco Regulatorio y Estrategia Corporativa para la Transición Energética, IDAE

Moderator: Luis Marquina de Soto, Presidente, Aepibal

Economic and regulatory analysis of storage in Spain

Javier Revuelta, Senior Principal, AFRY

Storage technologies and global commercialization

Ana Barillas, Head of Iberian Markets, Aurora

Battery storage projects in Spain and other international markets

Asun Padrós, Gerente de Proyectos de Innovación. Innovation Projects Manager, Acciona Energía

Storage: Energy Vector for decarbonization

Gonzalo del Alcázar, Storage Business Development Responsible in Iberia Power Generation, Endesa

Case studies about profitability of international battery projects

Felipe Hernández, Managing Director – Engineering & Asset Management, FRV

Optimisation through Digitalisation: Our Energy Storage Path

Marian Giner, Business Development Manager Storage, Wärtsilä

How technology cost improvements are unlocking new energy storage

Amir José Daou Pulido, Market Applications, Fluence

Uses and applications of battery storage through case studies

Luis Manuel Saiz, Director comercial de negocio BESS, Ingeteam

Storage system integrators with power electronics

  • Donaji Martínez, Storage Commercial Manager, Gamesa Electric
  • Antonio Montoto, Business Developer – Large-Scale BESS, Gamesa Electric

New business models for batteries

Gerardo Rebollar, Director de estrategia, marketing y transformación, Saft Batteries

Mobile PV + storage technology with a leasing business model

Julien Cabrera, CTO Storage and Hybrid, AKUO Energy

Hybrid renewable and storage projects

Blanca Monteagudo Mezo, Sales Director South Europe, General Electrics

PV+ Hybrid Plant Project in Hawaii

Sergio Hurtado, Chief Technological Officer and PV Grid Integration Expert, GP Tech – EKS

Experience in large scale plants in the US

Agustín Lopo, Director de Negocio EMEA y LATAM, Powin Energy

Storage systems integration with modular solutions: challenges and operative experience

José Campos, Responsable I+D+i, CEN Solutions

Cutting-edge technology with vanadium flow batteries

Jaime Vega Marcos, Managing Director, E22

How to guarantee the bankability of storage projects, from equity investment to project finance

    • Manuel Cabrerizo,CEO, Voltiq
    • Judith Nuñez, Strategy and Business Development Director, Univergy solar
    • Pablo Barahona, Director de Inversiones, Everwood Capital
    • Carlos Rodas, Director de Financiación Especializada, Liber Bank

Moderator: Álvaro Payán, Partner, ATA Renewables

Storage systems dimensioning criteria based on the latest lithium technologies available

Víctor Peligro Rosado, Energy Storage – Application Engineer, Gamesa Electric

Diagnostic methods for batteries’ health status and assets’ monitorization

Javier Olarte, CEO y promotor, Bcare

Storage as a profitability improvement in renewable generation plants

Juan Fraga, Technical Advisor, Dos Grados Capital

System integration of renewable energy with storage

Rosalía Rivas, Responsable del Dpto. Fiabilidad del Sistema Eléctrico, Red Eléctrica de España.

Technical regulation and grid code

Miguel Martínez, CEO, CERE

Flow batteries for long-term storage

Richard Brody, Director of Sales and Marketing, Energy Storage, Lockheed Martin

Storage technologies for large scale and long durability: CSP with thermal storage

Gonzalo Martín, Secretario General, Protermosolar

Storage technologies for large scale and long durability: electrical storage with high temperature molten salts

Michael Geyer, Senior Advisor for Technology and Development of Solar Power and Storage Projects, Malta

Cryogenic energy storage from 4 hours to 4 weeks of Energy

Javier Cavada, CEO, Highview Power

Market, cost and technological development of hydrogen

Javier Brey, Presidente, Asociación Española del Hidrógeno (AeH2)

Power 2 Green H2 Mallorca Project: taking hidrogen to sustainability

Mikel Ortiz de Latierro Imaz, Director de QSES/ESG, Acciona Energía

Repsol’s Petronor Project

Adriana Orejas, Directora Tecnología Industrial & Deep Tech DC Tecnología y CV, Repsol

Iberdrola and Fertiberia Project

Samuel Pérez, Prospective Research – Hydrogen & Heat Leader, Iberdrola

Power to Gas Project

Javier López, Sales Manager Power plants and New tecnologies, MAN Energy Solutions