Online event | 14 and 15 Sept 2021


How to Design, Build and Operate Profitable
Renewable Hydrogen Plants in Europe

At Renmad Hydrogen 2020, we have created an agenda to help you build a profitable renewable hydrogen business.
  • Renewable Hydrogen Cost Reduction Forecasts. Find out what it will take for renewable hydrogen to beat grey hydrogen and, eventually, gas
  • Renewable hydrogen bankability assessment. Hear the financiers talk about what would make a renewable H2 project bankable and ripe for project finance
  • Case Studies and Best Practices on Renewable Hydrogen Project Design and Operation. Learn how leading companies are designing and operating their renewable hydrogen plants to maximise return-on-investment (ROI)
  • The State of Electrolyser Technology: Alkaline, PEM, Solid Oxide and beyond. Understand when to deploy each technology to achieve the lowest levelised cost of hydrogen
  • In-depth Analysis of Renewable Hydrogen Funds and Regulation in Europe. Gain access to expert analysis on the regulations which are shaping renewable hydrogen markets across Europe
  • Renewable Hydrogen to Green Ammonia and Green Methanol. Get an insight into the pros and cons of these hydrogen carriers considering transportation, conversion and reconversion costs, and safety
  • Long Distance Hydrogen Transport over Pipelines. Analysis of hydrogen blending in the existing gas network and transporting hydrogen through dedicated pipelines and compressors
  • Sources of Renewable Hydrogen Demand. Expert analysis on which sectors will drive demand for renewable hydrogen beyond current uses in oil refining, fertilizers, and chemicals