Webinar: The Renewable Hydrogen Market – Challenges and Opportunities

26 March at 10:00 CET (Check your local time here)

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Hydrogen is a versatile element which presents enormous opportunities in a variety of industries if the demand for the product can be released by a reduction in cost to obtain it. The most common method – via electrolysers – to split water is energy intensive and requires cheap solar and wind to make it economical. The good news is that as the costs for large scale Solar PV and Wind decrease, so does the input costs and therefore costs of green hydrogen.

The resulting green hydrogen can either be stored as a gas or liquid for Heat/Waste, Energy Storage (in gas networks or as ammonia), export to Asia in ship vessels and fuel supply for the transport industry (fuel cell cars, buses, trains and ships); as well as use as fuel in gas-powered energy stations. In this webinar we look at the technologies, opportunities, challenges and case studies of the Hydrogen Market.

  • Analyse the green hydrogen market opportunity – what does it take to obtain Hydrogen, what can be done with it and when will it reach competitiveness
  • Scale & Costs: Understand what is the current cost of Hydrogen production, what are the best technologies to maximize competitiveness and what is the roadmap to achieve a thriving market in terms of costs
  • Consider Geographic opportunities for hydrogen markets and listen to case studies where the technology is already in use
  • H2 Valley: explore how the grid, renewable generation, industrial, gas, transport and mining industries can work together to create win-win scenarios to drive down costs and increase demand

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