Webinar: The Power-to-x opportunity: markets, technologies and costs

07 October at 11:00 CEST (Check your local time)

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Power-to-X is a number of electricity conversion, energy storage, and reconversion pathways that use electric power to produce climate-neutral gases, liquids and feedstock. It includes the production and use of green hydrogen but also goes beyond (e.g. green ammonia or synthetic kerosene). Energy carriers produced with Power-to-X technologies can be used to increase the flexibility in the energy sector or as fuels in transport sector. This webinar analyzes the market, technology and cost-opportunity of Power-to-X.

  • Where is the market potential for Power-to-X? Understand its role in decarbonizing industries, transportation, and the energy sector
  • The green hydrogen market in detail: analyse current favourable legislation in Europe and beyond, available technology, and ongoing value chain
  • Hear from industry experts about the economic viability of Power-to-X solutions and the countries currently promoting its development

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