Webinar: Opportunities for Solar Heat in Malaysia

22 April at 10:00 CEST (Check your local time)

Natural gas and coal make up for most of Malaysia’s energy mix, but the government is set to increase the share of RE to 20% by 2035. Industry is one of Malaysia’s largest energy consumers making this an opportunity for Solar Heat technologies to tackle the industrial heat demand with clean energy.

In this webinar, some of the most experienced experts will analyze the potential for the SHIP market in Malaysia.

  • Assess the size of the opportunity for Solar heat in Malaysia, considering its energy demand for industrial heat and the policies that are driving these renewables technologies forward
  • Understand the main characteristics of solar heat projects that you need to consider in your design, from picking the right technology collector, to sizing the project to fulfil your needs and where to place it in your
  • Learn about payback times from real case studies, understand how storage can contribute to a faster payback time and what financing alternatives are available for your project.

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