Webinar: Maximising utilisation and performance of renewable energy through smart technology and energy storage systems

9 June at 15:00 CEST (Check your local time)

The increasing adoption of renewable energy is driving the need for innovative energy network solutions to deliver more efficient, sustainable and resilient power systems. Virtual Synchronous Generation (VSG) capabilities are a key component for this transition, delivering flexibility and economic benefits, and guaranteeing power quality. This webinar will investigate how energy storage systems equipped with virtual synchronous generation capability and mature controls can be used to deliver grid-forming capabilities in Europe and beyond:

  • Understand the challenges that renewable integration presents, and how VSG-enabled energy storage can support the secure scale-up and integration of multiple generation assets under a single portfolio, resulting in the stable balancing and management of load demands.
  •  Analyze the different business models being used for storage assets today and understand how energy management technology connects and optimises both the batteries’ technical and commercial performance using AI and real-time data analytics.
  • Learn about current hybridised storage and VSG projects, which showcase island grid and grid-forming capabilities, while minimsing curtailment to maximise system performance. 

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