SHOWCASE: Webinars in the renewable industry as a tool for marketing, sales and business dev.

Wednesday, 11th of December at 17:30 CET (Check your local time)

The Renewable Energy market is growing fast, constantly innovating and the competition is rising in leaps and bounds. But, with limited resources in each organization, how can you catch the eyes of your clients? And how can you take advantage of the potential opportunities that may appear anywhere around the globe?

ATA Insights has seamlessly launched +150 webinars, connecting industry experts and professionals worldwide. These webinars or online seminars have supported top leaders in the renewables field such as Soltec, Longi, Sterling&Wilson…Effortlessly and in a very short time, they have enhaced their reputation and authority as experts, nurturing their branding and testing markets.

In this session, ATA Insights will show you how to use the RE Learn & Showcase programs as tools to:

  • Launch products and services directly to the people who are actively searching for them
  • Get ahead on the doubts or squeamishness that your potential clients may have about your products or services
  • Get qualified leads from your market niche in the renewables industry, helping the sales department to save a lot of time and effort
  • Strengthen branding through your own experts team (using very little time from the technicians)

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