Is your website working for you right now? Here is how to fix it.
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There is no question that a website is a must-have for any business or professional service.

The real question is whether your website is working for you right now. Business go through cycles and strategic objectives change. But very often websites do not. They get created at one point and then forgotten for months if not years. Guaranteed that this website is definitely not working hard for you….

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Concentrated Solar Power: the missing link in the decarbonization of road transportation
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By: Carlos Márquez

Mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) could dramatically reduce carbon emissions in transportation. But unless EVs are charged with renewable electricity, having more EVs on the road will result in higher emissions. Especially if most users choose to charge at night, when variable renewables, such as PV, are unable to produce power.

Concentrated Solar Power with thermal energy storage solves this problem because it can dispatch renewable electricity at night. Additionally, it enhances grid flexibility allowing more variable renewables on the grid…

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PV + batteries set for exponential growth
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By Carlos Márquez

Higher deployments and improved economies of scale have pushed down the costs of battery storage systems to unprecedented levels, making the economics of PV plus batteries more compelling than ever. Those were the conclusions of a recent webinar…

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